Here is a selection of my finest images. See full portfolio here

Summer in the City

Summer in the City

La Virgen de Guadalupe - Mother of all Mexico




El Preso

Ina Rubadub Style



Samell. Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.


Brooklyn's raw beauty

PR en Brooklyn

Thomas. Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

Hasidic Brooklyn

Fisher Body Plant

From Bushwick with Love

Brooklyn Postcard



IMG_8470  IMG_7478

The Bronx Riviera

Adler Hotel

clown + open fire hydrant = summer in the city



The Freedom Tunnel



Made in Brooklyn

Summer in the City

Summer in the City

Last Days of Summer at Coney Island



Glenwood Power Plant

Le Roi Soleil

Lunar Dunes

Summer in the City


The Ruins of an Empire

The Atrium: A Hidden Gem in Downtown New York

Street Play

We Buy Gold


Last Days of Summer at Coney Island


Images by Stephane Missier aka Charles le Brigand

16 Responses to “Portfolio”
  1. NosE says:

    incredible work!
    I would like to have one!!!

    at least I have a miles vinyl


  2. julius says:

    2010 was quite a year. Congrats Carlito.

  3. Mpumelelo says:

    Great work man.
    Very inspiring.

  4. Cawole says:

    T’es vraiment doué ! Tu les vends tes photos? Combien? tu les envoies à la Réunion?

  5. Tom says:

    Super boulot sur une certaine vision de l’amérique à la fois sans concessions et en même temps très esthétique …

  6. Marco Walls says:

    Tienes un ojo único. Tus fotos cuentan una historia que inspira al que las ve, a que invente la suya propia. Esto logra en mi opinión que la tecnica (por cierto impecable) pase a segundo plano. Ahhhhhh qué buena fotos la del jegüish bateando.


  7. Milo Hess says:

    Excellent images. Excellent eye. Excellent moments captured… from a fellow NYC streetshooter

  8. Lee Clare says:

    Charles your images are phenomenal man, every one of them.

    I wonder if you could tell me a bit about your process?, are you using a 5d? what lense typically? are you using lightroom for post? do you over or underexpose your shots then fix in post ?

    appreciate if you didnt want to get into any of that, just love your stuff….

    either way take care man , peace!

    • Hey, thanks Lee. I am all about transparency so here you go: I usually use a canon 7d with a 18/135 lens. I use aperture for post and I don’t do HDR or exposure tweaking. I also have a cheap nikon d40 that I carry most of the time. Most of the pix above were taken with the nikon tho, only my most recent work is with the canon.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  9. yves deligne says:

    Very beautiful and interesting work ! Please, Charles, never do HDR or exposure tweaking, is the worth thing I know !

  10. Blast Kid says:

    Big up man, I always enjoy reading your stories and watching your pictures on the LDBK blog. I hope that these stories keep coming in 2012. Regards from Belgium.

  11. Remarkable images…in terms of content and quality !!! Congratulations. You should try to make a book out of it…It shouldn’t be too difficult considering the quality of your work !
    Check my blog out when you have some time…the photos are not of the same level but I think they offer a real testimony of 1990’s New York.

  12. Marcia tejeda says:

    Hi Stefane: Jose Tejeda was my father. He passed away last October 2014 in case you were unaware. This photograph captures his spirit and personality so clearly. My brother-in-law found this photograph in a series of your photographs and forwarded it to us. Thank you for acknowledging him in this way. It is truly an honor. Marcia Tejeda-Smith

  13. Willy says:

    Ton travail est incroyable, mon pot! Un abrazo fuerte, Willy.

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