“Arda Turan’s amazing half-time speech will make you want to play football IMMEDIATELY”. That’s how The Mirror in the UK reported on this campaign. Which is good, because this is exactly what we wanted to achieve: fire up Turkey’s national team for Euro 16 and rally the entire nation.

See, Istanbul is a chaotic place and it can be tough for kids to make it from the streets to the big leagues. It takes skills, hustle, belief and a powerful role model. Luckily, Turkey has Arda Turan. In Turkey, Arda Turan is bigger than football.

Our film and its VR companion piece put fans in the middle of the locker-room. Where Arda reminds his teammates that their gritty experiences as kids playing hard and tough on the streets of Turkey will help them survive anywhere — and overcome any challenges. But more than a team talk, Arda delivers an inspiring message to the whole nation telling every kid to not let their dreams be just dreams. Haydi Turkiye!




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