Show December Who’s Boss

We did a series of GIFs for Nike Women #Traintuesday to inspire our audience to train with Nike+TC app and dominate December.

It’s that time of year again: when holiday parties fill your calendar and cakes are seemingly everywhere you look; when bargain shopping becomes more like brawling; and when the weather makes Netflix marathons more tempting than ever before. You spent all year working hard to stay fit, then December comes around trying to lure you to the dark side. To get the message across, the W+K AMS team created GIFs that are posted via social media all month long. The wacky animations will remind women to get their #TrainTuesday on – and to kick winter temptation in the tail. Each GIF features a Nike Master Trainer for some extra motivation, because nobody knows how to boss December like these guys do.

You’ll see Anna Lewandowska karate-kicking a gingerbread man. Paula Butragueño smashing a talking couch. And all of the trainers using the N+TC app to grab December by the medicine balls. No matter how fit you are, all the temptations of December can be hard to resist. But that just means you’ve got to show who’s the real boss.

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