unite all originals

Here’s a summary of the 2013 adidas Originals – Unite All Originals –  global campaign. You can watch the Case Study video or read about it for more details after the jump.

Spring/Summer’13 saw the launch of Originals’ global campaign. Unite All Original was a rallying cry for the diverse and myriad tribes worldwide to collide styles and ideas under the Originals banner. With our audience’s media habits, TV was out, replaced instead with a requirement to realize more engaging digital activations. While mash-ups are nothing new, they’re still a rich territory for Originals to experiment with.

The campaign called upon pioneering spirits of the world to join forces. It began with a collision between DJ/Producer A-trak and Designer SO-ME to collaborate on an exclusive track and music video. This drove fans to The Collider, an online platform allowing them to mash up the worlds of any two featured artists to create original and unlock hidden content. Equal parts mash-up and navigation tool, The Collider told the story of what happens when various artists and art forms collide as users discovered a new form of originality.



Below is a slideshow of a few examples from the Adidas Collider (click “STEP INTO THE COLLIDER” to view)


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Fall/Winter 2014

Part of the overall strategy for Fall/Winter’13 had been to push technological boundaries, taking the artistic collision concept mass-scale to reach consumers. Run DMC were rumoured to be reuniting. The opportunity was to bring next-generation youth (urban 16-23 year-olds) back for another dose of Originals culture by colliding the Kings with emerging turntablist A-trak, keeping the brand fresh and relevant.

Of course a music video for Run DMC’s new track was a solution, but people have incredibly high expectations for branded content. Collaborating with Google, we created the world’s first voice search activated interactive film.

As Run DMC and A-trak wreaked creative havoc across New York, voice commands or keystrokes helped viewers create unique Originals anthems, each word unlocking hidden content and visual effects. They could dive deeper into products, curated looks, see behind-the-scenes footage and receive words of wisdom from Rev Run. The video gave new understanding of the amazing things that happen when music, animation and film collide.

The end result provided an immersive interactive experience featuring hundreds of animations, triggered by over 15000 keywords. Each unique collision was sharable. The video marked a step forward in understanding how a collision between music, animation and voice-command technology can define new forms of originality.

You can see the result with the video below or play around with it here : http://www.adidas.com/unite





Here are a couple of screenshots of the interactive music video and the UX:


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See what Google says about the initiative:

Capture d’écran 2014-09-01 à 21.39.11

The interactive music video was a hit, generating 820,292 visits, by 742,854 unique visitors. The microsite has been loaded 1,003,748 times. The YouTube video accumulated nearly 7 million views while the experience redirected 18,153 visits to the Adidas e-commerce website. We re-affirmed Originals’ position as a leading street wear label by creating a microsite that attracted a large number of users seeking creativity and self-expression. Even more collisions ensued as people submitted their own remixes online, so we produced those too. Adidas Originals was in the eyes and at the fingertips of audiences, everywhere. Originality was at the heart.

Rather than creating a cut down version of the interactive film for mobile, we drive the consumer to store by experiencing the interactive film in real life.




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D&AD Award (2014)

Grafika Award (2014) – Grand Prize for the adidas, “Unite All Originals” campaign.

Boomerang Award (2013). Grand Prize in the use of video in the internet category for the adidas, “Unite All Originals” campaign.

FWA Site of the day (September 30 2013)



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Advertising Agency: Sid Lee, Montréal
Executive Creative Director: Kris Manchester
Creative Director: Jean Francois Dumais
Art Director: Ruben Beddeleem
Copywriter: Joe Hagel
Strategy Director: Simon Wassef
Senior Strategist: Stéphane Missier
Group Account Director: John Wilson
Account Manager: Markus Gerdemann

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