Round-Up 2012


A round-up of my favorite pictures in 2012. Happy New Year and thank you, to everyone. Images by Stephane Missier aka Charles le Brigand
 All rights reserved. Une production de Brigand © 2013

Eerie Lunar Landscape In Queens


Man-made sand pyramids await replacement on the parking lot at Jacob Riis Park in The Rockaways, Queens. The dunes are made out of sifted sand from the surrounding area, by workers who shoveled the sand from the streets after Hurricane Sandy’s passage. Polished by the cold winter wind, these artificial cones formed an eerie lunar … Continue reading

Ravaged Rockaway Beach Homes


Beach Homes in Rockaway beach, ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. This is what’s left of the Silver Gull Beach Club, which first opened in 1963 and was used for the filming of the movie “The Flamingo Kid.” The popular summer getaway was completely devastated by the storm. Images by Stephane Missier aka Charles le Brigand
 All … Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy: The Aftermath


Here are some distressing photos of the Rockaways, a few days after hurricane Sandy’s devastating passage. Images by Stephane Missier aka Charles le Brigand
 All rights reserved. Une production de Brigand © 2012

The Soul of Summer


Block Parties are the quintessence of the summer season in New York where youngsters and geezers mingle together in an outburst of freedom and shared happiness. I still remember my first experience with a block party back in 2007. I had just moved to New York on a beautiful block in the heart of Bed-Stuy, … Continue reading



Besides safety issues, a much needed break from photography and Ipanema/Copacabana being a recurrent topic within photography, I purposely decided not to bring any of my equipment with me. It was a tough decision to make, but a good one in the end. I actually refreshed my mind and came up with new ideas. Also, … Continue reading


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